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Latest: SPPAS version 3.8 - (2021-05-26)
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© Brigitte Bigi, Laboratoire Parole et Langage, Aix-en-Provence, France.
SPPAS is a free and open source software protected by public licenses.

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SPPAS: previous versions...

SPPAS is regularly updated, and its dependencies also. If you plan to install and use an old version, it is without any warranty nor support.

From 2021 January, releases are hosted here. Previous releases are below:

ESPPAS (deprecated)

ESPPAS (in 2012) was supported by ANR OTIM project Ref Nr ANR-08-BLAN-0239. This was an add-on to SPPAS to deal with Enriched Orthographic Transcriptions. It was using LIA_Phon to perform grapheme-to-phoneme conversion.

Send an e-mail to the author to get a version -- not compatible with current version of SPPAS.